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Bedeschi Film is a Milan based production company founded in 2002 by director Giovanni Bedeschi, who manages it to this day.

A part from being one of the leading award winning production companies in Italy specializing in advertising, Bedeschi Film has been working with top brands in Italy and abroad for over ten years. Furthermore, Bedeschi Film has always invested part of its resources in producing movie and tv contents for clients like Fox and Discovery Channel as well as video contents for world fampous exhibitions and installations.

Last year Bedeschi Film produced “La Potenza della Bellezza” (the Strenght of Beauty) a fascinating multimedia installation featured during Expo 2015 at Padiglione Italia that was visited by over 13 million people. Sound and colour that bounced and reflected on the glass walls and floors of Padiglione Italia.

“La Potenza della Bellezza” featured 66 landscapes, archeological sitesthat captured the beauty of Italy. In only two months and two large crews on the road, Bedeschi Film filmed the beautiful locations in each region of the peninsula. The challenge behind this vast assignment was the research carried out to identify the most amazing and beautiful aspects of each single location.

The editing techniques that were implemented for the final video further enhanced the beauty of every image with a different cut and rhythm according to the subject featured: a more contemplative pace for the landscapes and an increasing pace for the interiors with sculptures and works of art that were presented as if seen through a kaleidoscope.

Expo Milan 2015

Expo Milan 2015

Michelle Obama and the Italian's prime minister wife visiting “La Potenza della Bellezza” (the Strenght of Beauty)

Artelling is an Italian company specialized in organizing art exhibitions and cultural events.

Artelling is a collaborative, interdisciplinary group. Mixing art and technology, Artelling brings together professionals from various creativity fields: artists, movie makers, programmers, architects, graphic designers.

Artelling was created to apply storytelling to art, because we believe art is the best way to communicate between cultures and countries.

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